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Honeywell, Adrian Paull, Vice President Customer and Product Support.
  Presenting: "Formation of a Technical Operations Service Center."

State Farm, Susan Waring, EVP & Chief Admin Officer.
  Presenting: "Customer Service Case Study."

Cox, Lewis Simons, Executive Director of Online Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Taking Care of Your Customers Online."

Reuters Limited, Eran Barak, Global Head of Marketing and Strategy in Collaboration Services.
  Presenting: "What Exactly Is Customer Service? Defining the Art."

Phillips Healthcare, Reinhold Grellman, Senior Director of Customer Services.
  Presenting: "Value Added Customer Service.", Miguel Lopez, VP Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Going the Extra Mile for our Customers."

Wells Fargo, Chris Baker, SVP of Client Experience.
  Presenting: "Enlisting Trust in Your Clients."

Oracle, Robert Barrios, Senior Director, Customer Support.
  Presenting: "How Customer Service and Sales Can Work Together."

Subway, Paula Gomez, Strategic Customer Experience Manager.
  Presenting: "Exceptional Customer Service."

Florida Power & Light Company, Lori Ann Deutsch, Manager, HR Employee Services.
  Presenting: "Energizing New Hires While Streamlining Onboarding Processes."

Sabre Holdings, Jean Shaw, Vice President Global Customer Support.
  Presenting: "Best Practices in Globalizing and Centralizing Customer Support."

Spherion, Loretta Penn, Vice President and Chief Service Excellence Officer.
  Presenting: "Service Excellence: The Point that Matters."

West Florida Hospital (HCA Healthcare), Natalie Seaber, Director of Emergency Services.
  Presenting: "Journey Towards Excellence in Customer Service."

AT&T Corporation, Todd Stephens, Senior Technical Architect.
  Presenting: "How to Integrate Social Media and Collaborative Solutions into the Customer Service Function"."

SAS Canada, Tim Trussell, Solution Specialist Advanced Analytics.
  Presenting: "Get the Most out of your Customer Insight: Integrating Text and Social Media."

Cox Communications, Lewis Simons, Executive Director, Online Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Online Self Service Evolution."

Accenture, Julio Hernandez, Executive Partner.
  Presenting: "Using Analytics to Anticipate Customer Specifics."

Arise Virtual Solutions, Carmine Izzi, Vice President & General Manager, Client Results.
  Presenting: "Customer Service Best Practices with Work-at-Home Staff: Benefits, Implications and Risks."

Boston Consulting Group, Andy Maguire, Vice President.
  Presenting: "Customer Experience for Profit"."

Robert Spector International, Robert Spector, President.
  Presenting: "How Can I Make Your Life Easier? The Essential Question of Customer Service."

Carlson Restaurants / T.G.I. Friday's, John Butler, Manager, IT Business Support.
  Presenting: "Engaging and Motivating Your Service Desk Team."

CDS Global, Tammy Snyder, General Manager, Customer Service and Operations.
  Presenting: "Transforming Customer Data and Customer Service into Revenue."

Diebold, Dennis Deering, VP of Global Service Operations.
  Presenting: "Planning and Support. Remote Services."

Oracle, Barry Perkins, Vice President.
  Presenting: "6 Steps to Effective Customer Management During Change."

Hearst CDS Global, Tammy Snyder, Vice President.
  Presenting: "Transforming Customer Data and Customer Service Into Revenue."

Thomson Reuters, Eran Barak, SVP, Global Head of Community Strategy.
  Presenting: "Social Networks - a new way to support your customers."

CA, Malcolm Ryder, Director of Services.
  Presenting: "How to Use Technology Tools to Better Serve Your Clients."

Loews, Alan Momeyer, Vice President of Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Building a Branded Employment Experience."

Barclays Capital, Neil Rebeugeot, COO of Project Controls and Workplace Management.
  Presenting: "Effective Workplace Management"."

SAS Canada, Tim Trussell, Client Development.
  Presenting: "Get the Most Out of Your Customer Insight: Integrating Text and Social Media."

Xerox Corp, Charlie Alexander, VP, Worldwide Quality and Customer Loyalty.
  Presenting: "How Service Can Enable Better Product Development - Every Time."

Vonage, Bill Solomon, VP, Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Learning & Development for Contact Centers - the Impact on Customer Experience."

Luxottica, Steve Ellis, Sr. Director Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Customer Effort, Why Bother?"

Cox Communications, Mallory Luce, Product Manager, Digital Experience Team.
  Presenting: "Target-State WEB & Self-Service Evolution."

John Wiley & Sons, Rich Bigger, Director of Customer Relations.
  Presenting: "Maintaining Customer Relationships in a Turbulent Marketplace"."

Papa John's Pizza, Brent Engel, Operations Support & Training.
  Presenting: "How We Serve Service Up Right!"

NB Power, Manager Customer Relations Infrastructure.
  Presenting: "Plugging into Customer Needs."

Sabre, Brant Deranger, Vice President, Service Delivery.
  Presenting: "Customer Service Evolution Tips and Tactics."

AMC Theatres, Brien Hall, Manager, Guest Services, Social Media.
  Presenting: "Going Social: The Role of Social Media in Today’s Customer Service Strategy."

Behr Process Corp, Rebecca Rankin, Director of Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Engaging Reps in the Call Center."

Forrester, Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst.
  Presenting: "The Importance of Customer Service."

Vonage, Bill Solomon, V.P. Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Learning & Development for Contact Centers - the Impact on Customer Experience."

EyeMed Vision Care, Steve Ellis, Senior Director, Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Customer Effort, Why Bother?"

AMC Theaters, Heather Morgan, Director, Guest Experience.
  Presenting: "The Role of Social Media in Today's Customer Service Strategy."

NB Power, Sherry Thomson, Vice President of Customer Service, Distribution and Transmission.
  Presenting: "TheSelf Service Story."

Agilent, Eric Senesi, V.P. Worldwide Customer Support & Services.
  Presenting: "Global Support Best Practices."

Behr, Rebecca Rankin, Director, Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Leading Change in a Call Center."

Family Dollar, Barbara Pretzer and Karen Sell, Divisional Vice President of Customer Care Technology Support.
  Presenting: "Transforming the Helpless Desk to Customer Care Support."

Mayo Clinic, Denise M. Kennedy, Service Administrator.
  Presenting: "A Roadmap for Improving Service Quality: Lessons and Tools."

Exmark, David Martin, Customer Service Manager-North America.
  Presenting: "Enhanced Customer Experience Through Education and Channel Relations."

Symcor, Cory Longman, Director, Service Management Centre.
  Presenting: "Journey to Service Support Excellence."

Herman Miller, Al Gruppen, Customer Excellence Sr. Manager.
  Presenting: "Customer Care Case Study."

Plantronics, Ed Romson, Senior Director, Global Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Helping Customers Help Themselves: Customer Care in a Unified World."

Xerox Corporation, Charlie Alexander, Vice President - Worldwide Quality and Customer Loyalty.
  Presenting: "How Service Can Enable Better Product Development - Every Time."

Mayo Clinic, Denise Kennedy, Service Coordinator.
  Presenting: "A Roadmap for Improving Service Quality."

Cox, Chris Hansen, Sr. Product Manager.
  Presenting: "Target State Web and Self-Service Evolution."

BCG London, Ian Walsh, Partner and Managing Director.
  Presenting: "Customer Experience Delivery."

YRC Worldwide Strategic Market Planning, Chris Kuehl, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "Cultivating a Strategic Thinking Perspective."

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, Greg Hammerstein, Director.
  Presenting: "Determining the Optimum 'Mix' of Service Methods."

Aflac, Darlene Porter, Manager of Employee Relations.
  Presenting: "How To Reduce Turnover and Elevate Customer Satisfaction."

Spherion, Patti Dunning, Regional VP.
  Presenting: "Managing and Getting the Most of Service Staff."

University Arkansas Medical Sciences, Kathleen McComber, Senior Director HR.
  Presenting: "Workplace Violence: Lessons Learned for Customer Service."

Schwab Institutional, Mark Helliker, Senior Vice President.
  Presenting: "Competing and Winning Through Service."

Cox Communications, Christopher Kocks, Strategy & Development Manager.
  Presenting: "Formulating Your Strategic Customer Game Plan."

AutoZone, Bill Lipsey Director of Content.
  Presenting: "Creating the WOW Customer Experience."

The Cheesecake Factory, Pat O'Neill, Director of Guest Services.
  Presenting: "Implementing Customer Service Strategy."

YRC Worldwide, Mike Brown, VP Strategic Planning & Marketing Communications.
  Presenting: "Internal Branding for Customer Service."

ChoicePoint, Katherine Bryant, VP Customer Advocacy.
  Presenting: "Finding the Sore Spot and Turning it Into an Advantage."

Seattle SuperSonics & The Storm, Pete Winemiller, VP Guest Relations.
  Presenting: "Moments Matter! Building a Culture that Creates Loyalty Inside and Out."

Aflac, Virgil Miller, VP Customer Service Center.
  Presenting: "Customer Experience and the Impact on Customer Loyalty."

IBM, Jim Spohrer, Director, Service Research.
  Presenting: "Service Science: An Emerging Discipline and Profession."

Spherion, Sandy Mazur, Vice President Service Offering Development.
  Presenting: "Customer Service Hiring Study and Findings."

Cox Communications, Christopher Kocks, Strategy - Development Product & Program Manager.
  Presenting: "Formulating Your Strategic Customer Game Plan."

CSX Transportation, Shelley Mast, VP of HR and CS.
  Presenting: "How to Kill an Anecdote."

BearingPoint, William Lehman, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "Improving Customer Profitability and Service with CRM."

New York Life, Vivian Myers, Associate Vice President Customer Service.
  Presenting: "Staffing Models for Customer Service."

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, Greg Hammerstein, Director.
  Presenting: "Exceeding the Needs of the World's Most Demanding People."

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