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Raytheon, Bill Russell, Senior Manager.
  Presenting: "Six Sigma at Its Best."

Mazda, Robert Davis, Senior Vice President, US Operations.
  Presenting: "Recovery Through Innovation."

Applebee's, Sam Rothschild, Sr. VP Operations.
  Presenting: "Shared Services: Overview of Opportunity."

SAP, Steven Birdsall, SVP and Head of Customer Operations.
  Presenting: "Mobilize and Simplify: Operationalizing New Reality - Lessons Learned."

Chili's, Kelli Valade, SVP & Chief Operating Officer.
  Presenting: "Growing Talent and Getting Leadership to Own It."

Vonage, Alistair Sloan, Vice President, Operations.
  Presenting: "Cyber Attack and Online Operations."

McGraw-Hill, John Marshall, Vice President of Global Product Development.
  Presenting: "Innovation and Execution: "Fostering a Culture of Innovation in a Traditional Business Environment."

Bank of America, Jim McComb, V.P. of Strategic Planning.
  Presenting: "Strategic Management Pitfalls: The Eight Greatest Challenges."

CDS Global, Tammy Snyder, General Manager, Operations and Customer Service.
  Presenting: "Transforming Customer Data and Customer Service Into Revenue."

Perrigo Company, Trent Martin, Lean Sigma Blackbelt.
  Presenting: "Stage by Component (SBC) / Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)."

Loyola Marymount University, Carlos Cruz-Aedo & Jeff Covert, Adjunct Faculty.
  Presenting: "Why Projects Fail."

Cardinal Health, Bill Owad, SVP, Operational Excellence.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Improvement: Driving End to End Improvement."

Barclays Capital, Neil Rebeugeot, Global Project Controls and Workplace Management.
  Presenting: "Effective Workplace Management."

Xerox, Audrey Pantas, Enterprise Program Management Office - Xerox Information Management.
  Presenting: "Stop Hoping! Managing Project Delivery Risks."

Mayo Clinic, Shirley Weis, VP & Chief Administrative Officer.
  Presenting: "No Money, No Mission - No Mission, No Money."

CA, Malcolm Ryder, Senior Services Architect.
  Presenting: "How to Better Serve Your Clients Through Leveraging IT."

Kinder Morgan, Scott Kilkenny, VP Ops and EHS.
  Presenting: "Network and Services Cultural Integration."

SHRM, Pamela Green, Chief Membership Officer.
  Presenting: "Working Through a Downturn in Revenue while Planning for a Recovery."

Pier 1 Imports, Sharon Leite, Executive Vice President, Stores.
  Presenting: "Aligning Your Organization Into One."

Comerica Bank, Betty Rengifo Tucker, Executive Vice President.
  Presenting: "Growing The Business in the Midst of Economic Uncertainly."

Harrah's, Michelle Hayes, Employee Relations Manager.
  Presenting: "Engaging Employees During A Tough Economy."

SAS, Jim Davis, Senior VP/Chief Marketing Officer.
  Presenting: "Corporate Culture or Corporate Social Responsibility."

Applebees Services, Sam Rothschild, Sr. VP Operations.
  Presenting: "Leaders on the Front Line."

Headwaters, Niel Nickolaisen, CIO and Director of Strategic Planning.
  Presenting: "On a Clear Day, I Can See Strategy Forever."

DeVry University, Dave Overbye, Dean of Academic Outreach.
  Presenting: "Change Management-A Project Management Approach."

Employee Relations Solution, Matthew Grabell, ESQ.
  Presenting: "The Most Common Employer Errors Leading to Employee Lawsuits."

Bell, Brandon Stoller, IT Systems Administrator.
  Presenting: "Disaster Recovery - Are You Prepared?"

SAS, Roxanne Hicklin, Director ? Art & Scenic Operations, Corporate Services Division.
  Presenting: "Bringing Innovation/Creativity to Operations."

Ingram Micro, Robert Gifford, EVP Global Logistics.
  Presenting: "Past, Present, and Future: Supply Chain Perspectives on the Global Marketplace."

Sabre, Ramji Balasubramanian, Director/Program & Release Management, TripCase.Com.
  Presenting: "Continuous Delivery."

Technicolor Canada, Sunil Gulati, Director of Operations.
  Presenting: "Cost Control in Operations."

Charles Schwab Bank, Angela Birmingham, Vice President, Controller.
  Presenting: "Influencing the Client Experience."

Waste Management, Amanda Fairley, Sustainability Manager.
  Presenting: "CNG Fleet Conversion."

Famous Brands International, (TCBY & Mrs. Fields), Belinda Oakley, Vice President of Franchise Operations.
  Presenting: "Building a Cohesive Leadership Team."

Unisys, Paul Gleeson, Vice President | Global Managed Services.
  Presenting: "People Services -The role IT can play in using analytics to measure and drive productivity."

Plantronics, Renee Niemi, SVP, Communication Solutions.
  Presenting: "Working Smart(er)."

Banner Health, Rhonda Anderson, Chief Executive Officer.
  Presenting: "How the New Healthcare Reform Could Affect Your Operations."

Wendy's, Ed Martinez, VP, Shared Services.
  Presenting: "A Case Study in Operational Excellence Building and Running a Support Services Business Unit."

Arrow Electronics, Bradley Stark, General Manager.
  Presenting: "Operational Excellence."

CA Technologies, Mark Ouellette, Senior Vice President, Global Business Operations.
  Presenting: "Transformation Journey: Building Value Into the Sales Ecosystem."

Mutual of Omaha, Beth Schmidt, VP, Process & Project Mgmt.
  Presenting: "Lean PMO."

Tesla Motors, Clay Lewis, Manager, Packaging Systems & Containerization Optimization.
  Presenting: "North American Returnable Containerization Plan."

Mayo Clinic, Shirley Weis, VP & Chief Administrative Officer.
  Presenting: "o Money, No Mission - No Mission, No Money."

Perrigo Company, Trent Martin, Lean Sigma Blackbelt.
  Presenting: "Leveraging Supply Chain Systems Solutions for Sustainability."

Clear Channel Outdoor, Hi Leva, SVP, Sales Operations.
  Presenting: "Sales Operations Best Practices."

Cardinal Health, Bill Owad, SVP, Operational Excellence.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Improvement:A Driving End to End Improvement."

EMC Corporation, Vance Checketts, Vice President, Operations.
  Presenting: "Business Intelligence & the COO."

Microsoft, Marilee Byers, Director, Financial Compliance Group.
  Presenting: "Risk Governance and Internal Controls."

Stanley-Bostitch, John Martino VP Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "Supply Management Best Practice - 4 Steps to Success."

YRCW, Mike Brown, VP Strategic Market Planning & Research.
  Presenting: "Cultivating a Strategic Perspective for Operations Professionals.", Steve Greene, Director Tools and Process.
  Presenting: "Large Scale Agile Transformation in an On-Demand World."

Ariba Global Solutions and Services, Chris Haydon, Vice President.
  Presenting: "Leading Growth and Innovation."

Spherion, Patti Dunning, Regional Vice President.
  Presenting: "Understand and Manage the Generations."

Aberdeen Group, Beth Enslow, SVP Enterprise Research.
  Presenting: "Global Purchasing: Avoiding Supply Chain and Finance Mistakes."

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, Larry Quinlan, Chief Information Officer.
  Presenting: "CIO as the Chief Process Officer."

iHOP, Janey Tarpein, Manager, Restaurant Operations.
  Presenting: "Support Leading Growth and Innovation."

Keller Graduate School of Management, Robert Kenmore, Senior Faculty & Curriculum Manager.
  Presenting: "Operational Performance Measures: Clarifying the Distinction Between Efficiency and Productivity."

Keller Graduate School of Management, Robert Kenmore, Senior Faculty & Program Manager.
  Presenting: "Operational Performance Measures: Clarifying the Distinction Between Efficiency and Productivity."

Alltel Wireless, Scott Searls, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Executive.
  Presenting: "Operationalizing Supply and Supply Chain."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager, Brand and Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Do you have a Green Backbone? Eight Ways to Make Sure You are a Strong Steward."

Raytheon, William Russell, Senior Manager, Performance Consulting.
  Presenting: "How Organizational Networks Create Business Value."

Marriott Hotels, Todd Milisits, Director.
  Presenting: "Property Improvement-Marriott Style!."

Cengage, Joe Steffney, VP N. American Operations Distribution Center.
  Presenting: "Learning and Voice Directed Operations."

Sun Trust Bank, Ron Reighter, VP Global Trade Solutions.
  Presenting: "International and Domestic Supply Chain Best Practices."

Compuware, Dan Hughes, VP Business Transformation.
  Presenting: "Best Practices From The War For Talent."

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