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AstraZeneca, Jon Kirby, CIO.
  Presenting: "Leading IS Transformation."

Marriott, Misha Kravchenk, Vice President, Information Resources.
  Presenting: "What to do When Rubin's Law Overtakes Moore's Law ."

Alcoa, Kevin Horner, CIO.
  Presenting: "We Can't Wait for Tomorrow."

Standard and Poors, Bala Subramanian, Chief Technology Officer.
  Presenting: "A Case Study in Re-engineering."

Dow Chemical, David Kepler, CIO, EVP, Business Services.
  Presenting: "Developing Analytical Competency."

LL Bean, Jean Wilson, Senior Vice President, IS.
  Presenting: "When Past Practice Isn't the Right Formula for the Future."

Harley-Davidson, Sean McCormack, Chief Technology Officer.
  Presenting: "10 Lessons in Innovation."

NCL, Vincent SVP and CIO.
  Presenting: "New Technologies, New Challenges - Innovative IT."

Raytheon, Bill Russell, Senior IT Manager.
  Presenting: "How Organizational Networks Create Business Value."

Campbells Soup, Jason Krever, Director, IT - Global Marketing and Communications.
  Presenting: "5 Practical Lessons for Marketing Tech Success."

Tesla Motors, Jay Vijayan, CIO.
  Presenting: "IT Transformation Case Study."

HarperCollins Publishers, Rich Rothstein, Vice President, Emerging Technology.
  Presenting: "Emerging Technology and Trends."

AutoZone, Ken Brame, CIO.
  Presenting: "How We Moved Most Tech Support Call Center Operations to Mexico."

Lenox Corporation, Erik Andersen, VP and CIO.
  Presenting: "The Role of Information Technology in Corporate Restructuring."

OnStar, Sanjay Khunger, Chief Technologist, Systems & Technology.
  Presenting: "Technology Innovation Strategies."

PBD Worldwide Fulfillment, Bjarke Ormstrup, Vice President of Information Technology.
  Presenting: "Innovate or Fail - Your Career and Your Company Are on the Line."

Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation, John Heveran, Sr.V.P. & CIO.
  Presenting: "Shifting the IT Investment Blend With Application Retirements."

EMC, Scott Burgess, Director of the office of the CTO.
  Presenting: "Journey to the Cloud."

Unisys, Patricia Titus, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer.
  Presenting: "Disruptive Trends: Security Implications for the Enterprise."

American Medical Association, John Nootens, Director of Networking Systems.
  Presenting: "BCP/DR - Prioritizing Business Applications."

Clorox, Linda Martino, IT Business Engagement & Application Delivery.
  Presenting: "IT Business Engagement."

Juniper Networks, Hal Stern, Vice President and Chief Architect.
  Presenting: "Networks and Information Factories."

Hudson Bay, Dan Smith, CIO.
  Presenting: "A CIO Key Strategies Overview."

Brinker International, Kenny Sullivan, Senior Director, Operational & Analytical Systems.
  Presenting: "Information Architecture: What Lies Beneath."

SAS, Davy Rowland, Global IT Manager.
  Presenting: "How our Internal Cloud Became Critical to our Company's Daily Operations."

Sun Microsystems, Hal Stern, Chief Technology Officer.
  Presenting: "Cloud Computing Architectures."

Globas Messaging Solutions, William Brunkhardt, Chairman and Chief Technology Strategist.
  Presenting: "Best Practices for Mission - Critical Email Systems."

Headwaters, Niel Nickolaisen, CIO and Director of Strategic Planning.
  Presenting: "On A Clear Day, I Can See Strategy Forever."

First Group America, Chris Boult, Sr.V.P. Application Services and Deputy CIO.
  Presenting: "Hiring and Retraining IT Top Talent in a Down Economy."

Cisco Systems, Lance Perry, Vice President, IT Customer Strategy and Success.
  Presenting: "IT Strategies and Challenges."

McAfee Labs, Mike Gallagher, SVP/CIO, Global Threat Intelligence.
  Presenting: "Threat Landscape, Managing the Next APT, IT Exec Checklist."

University of Illinois, Ken Rowe, Director of Enterprise Systems Assurance and Chief Security Officer.
  Presenting: "Practical Privacy Protection Principles."

Agilent, Dan Krantz, Director, IT.
  Presenting: "IT Effectiveness."

DeVry, Cynthia Berry, Senior Manager - Business Continuity and Security Systems.
  Presenting: "Sustaining IT Competitive Advantage through Resiliency and Strategy."

Walt Disney Parks, Laura Hall, Vice President, Global Business Technology Strategy.
  Presenting: "Magical World of Technology in the Happiest Place on Earth."

University of Illinois, Ken Rowe, Director of Enterprise Systems Assurance and Chief Security Officer.
  Presenting: "Practical Privacy Protection Principles."

Manpower, Denis Edwards, Global Chief Information Officer.
  Presenting: "World of Work Trends and Implications on Information Technology Workforce Planning."

Equifax, Ed Smith, Sr.V.P. & CIO, U.S. Consumer Information Solutions.
  Presenting: "Cost Cutting: Driving Optimization Through Financial Transparency."

American Red Cross, Rod Tolbert, Vice President, Humanitarian IT Services, Information Technology.
  Presenting: "IT Transformation."

Valassis, Sanjay Khunger, VP of Technology, BTS.
  Presenting: "Technology Innovation: The First 100 Days."

Invacare, Randy Moore, Global Supply Chain Program Leader - Sr. Director.
  Presenting: "IT/Supply Chain Transformation in the Medical Device Industry."

Gartner, Douglas Laney, VP Research, Information Innovation & Business Analytics.
  Presenting: "Infonomics: Valuing and Managing Information as an Actual Corporate Asset."

Standard and Poor's, Bala Subramanian, Chief Technology Officer.
  Presenting: "Technology Talent Management."

Reader's Digest Association, Joe Held, SVP & Global CIO.
  Presenting: "Innovation and Outsourcing."

Autodesk, Chris Lin, Vice President, IT Infrastructure.
  Presenting: "Autodesk Enterprise Cloud - Sharing Our Experience in Past 3+ Years."

SAP, Andreas Starke, Vice President Marketing Business Information Office.
  Presenting: "The Future of Marketing - Technology as a Key Enabler."

Deloitte, Paul Sallomi, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology Leader.
  Presenting: "Internet of Things: Navigate Your World."

Hearst Magazines Group, Sarah Deem, Director, Process & Project Management.
  Presenting: "A Single-Platform Rollout."

Plantronics, Shantanu Sarkar, Vice President, Engineering.
  Presenting: "Opportunities and Impacts: Wearable Tech in the Enterprise."

McKinsey and Company, Mike Wright, Global Chief Information Officer.
  Presenting: "Leading IT Enabled Change - Some Personal Learnings."

Juniper Networks, Hal Stern, VP and Chief Architect.
  Presenting: "Networks and Information Factories."

Petco, Herman Nell, VP & CIO.
  Presenting: "IT Transformation Case Study."

Bluestem Brands (Fingerhut), Brandt Vettel, Director of Data Management.
  Presenting: "IT Hard Knocks."

McAfee, Scott Montgomery VP Public Sector Solutions.
  Presenting: "Threat Briefing."

Deloitte, Andrew Baker, CTO Global Architecture.
  Presenting: "Personal Computing Architecture Strategies."

Bechtel, Jerry Barnes, Corporate Records Manager.
  Presenting: "An Approach to Records Information Management."

Avaya, Ray Teske, Regional Director Service Provider and Global Alliances.
  Presenting: "To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Decisions to Consider when adopting a cloud strategy."

The Boston Consulting Group, Martin Hecker, Partner and Managing Director.
  Presenting: "Big Data - Foundation for IT innovation."

Gallup, Jim Collison, IT Manager.
  Presenting: "New Media in the Enterprise: Customer and Employee Engagement."

Gaylord Entertainment, Kevin Reiners, Vice President, IT Enterprise Operations.
  Presenting: "IT Value Proposition and How to Become the Strategic Partner of Choice."

Deloitte, Eric Ericksen, Global Chief Architect.
  Presenting: "Consumer Devices in IT."

Morgan Stanley, Tsvi Gal, CTO of Enterprise Infrastructure.
  Presenting: "Innovation for Dinos: A Framework for Driving Business Value via R&D."

Deloitte, Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology, Media and Telecom Leader.
  Presenting: "Social Data and Business Performance: Strengthening the Connection."

BearingPoint, Michael Barbero, CTO Client Services.
  Presenting: "Extended Corporate IT Infrastructure: Utility Computing and Master Data Management."

ChoicePoint, Darryl Lemecha: CIO & SVP of Shared Services.
  Presenting: "Data Security: Do Sweat the Small Stuff."

Hilton Hotels, Chris Thompson, Sr. Director Enterprise Information Group.
  Presenting: "Enhancing Communications Through Self-Service Intranet Channels."

Microsoft, Marilee Byers, Director - Financial Compliance Group.
  Presenting: "What CIOs need to know about SOX Compliance Under the New PCAOB/SEC Standards/Guidance."

INTEL Corporation, Sheska Krishnapura, Principal Engineer, Design Computing Technologies, Information Technology.
  Presenting: "Virtualization Delivers Data Center Efficiency."

A.T. Kearney, Robert Haas, Vice President & Leader of IT.
  Presenting: "Offshoring Application Development & Maintenance & IT Organizational Change."

MedMined Cardinal Health, Daisy Wong, Vice President IT.
  Presenting: "IT as Servant Leader: Delivering Quality Services to Internal and External Clients."

Oracle, Joe Thomas, Business Intelligence Application.
  Presenting: "Buidling an Enterprise Performance Management System."

Intel, Marty Menard, Director, Platform Capability Group Information Technology.
  Presenting: "Better Measuring Value to the Business."

YRC Wordwide Technologies, Michael Rapken, EVP & CIO.
  Presenting: "Post Merger IT Transformation."

The Associated Press, Lorraine Cichowski, Sr. VP Technology.
  Presenting: "Consumerizing IT: An Imperative for our 'Googlized' World."

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, Larry Quinlan, CIO.
  Presenting: "The CIO as Chief Process Officer."

Ken Blanchard Companies, Terry Orletsky, VP, IT.
  Presenting: "IT Challenges for Mid-Sized Enterprises."

Eaton Corporation, CIO Mark Tudor.
  Presenting: "Utilizing Lean in IT - the Language of the Business."

Cisco, VP-IT, Lance Perry.
  Presenting: "IT Strategies: Creating Business Value."

AT Kearney, VP-IT Strategies Robert Haas.
  Presenting: "CIO Innovators: Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Advantage."

Pfizer, Kevin Fleet, Senior Director Data Warehousing.
  Presenting: "Building a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Shared Service."

Microsoft, Robert Weede.
  Presenting: "IT Leadership in Enhancing Business Value."

Sun Microsystems, Bill Vass, Chief Information Officer.
  Presenting: "Open Source in the Enterprise."

Lucent Technologies, CIO Ray Gilbert.
  Presenting: "Network Evolution & Business Impacts - exploring 3G convergence."

Lenovo, CIO Steven Bandrowczak.
  Presenting: "Building IT Infrastructure Offshore."

Oracle, Joe Thomas.
  Presenting: "Drive Greater Business Insight Across Your Enterprise."

Direct Energy, Geoff Guenther, IS Director for Trading.
  Presenting: "Benchmarking for Business Units."

FAA, CIO Dan Mehan.
  Presenting: "Transforming Challenges of CIOs Today."

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