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AstraZeneca, Penny Stoker, VP Global HR Services.
  Presenting: "HR Best Practices - What We Can Learn From Global HR Leaders."

Intuit, Chris Galy, Director, Talent Delivery and Terri Coligan, Candidate Generation Manager.
  Presenting: "Our Talent Planning Journey."

Four Seasons Hotel, Catriona Eldemery, Director of Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Recruitment and Retention Best Practices."

Duke Energy, Jeana Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Talent Management.
  Presenting: "Talent Management Transformation."

Nokia, Hallstein Moerk, EVP HR.
  Presenting: "Executive Talent Management Case Study."

Ford Motor Company, Marty Mulloy, Vice President - Labor Affairs.
  Presenting: "Labor Affairs Role in Restructuring Ford Motor Company."

Goodyear, Brent Pawlecki, Chief Health Officer.
  Presenting: "Building and Addressing the Full Life Spectrum into a Culture of Health."

Luxottica, Alicia Tidwell, Sr. Manager Diversity & Inclusion.
  Presenting: "Corporate Social Responsibility."

PPG Industries, Peter Garber, Manager of Employee Relations.
  Presenting: "Designing Effective Employee Reward Programs."

Penn State University, Diane Spokus, Ph.D, CHES, Faculty Member, Helath Policy and Administration.
  Presenting: "Working Longer: New Strategies for Managing, Training, and Retraining Older Employees."

United States Postal Service, Deborah Giannoni-Jackson, VP Employee Resource Management.
  Presenting: "Shared Services Strategies."

DeVry University, Dr. Randy Plunkett, National Director of Military Affairs.
  Presenting: "Why Hire a Vet? What Military Experience Brings to Organizations."

Eaton's Electrical Sector, Diane Rigney, (formerly) Senior VP HR.
  Presenting: "Annual Planning Process and the Role of HR in Driving Strategic Alignment."

EMC, Polly Pearson, Vice President Employment Brand and Strategy Engagement.
  Presenting: "Employment Branding and Employee Engagement in the Web 2.0 World."

7-Eleven, Vickie Canon, Manager, 7-Excel University.
  Presenting: "Proving Credibility Through Measurement."

EMS Technology, Michael Robertson, Director of Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Networking to Stay in the Employment Loop."

Hyatt, Randy Goldberg, Vice President Recruiting, North America Operations.
  Presenting: "Change Management in HR."

Delta Air Lines, Rob Kight, Vice President, Global HR Services & Labor Relations.
  Presenting: "Project IGNITE - Modernizing Our HR Policies."

Healing HealthCare Systems, Susan E. Mazer, President and CEO.
  Presenting: "Privacy as a Public Issue."

PPG Industries, Peter Garber, Manager of Employee Relations.
  Presenting: "Designing Effective Employee Reward Programs."

Vail Resorts, Evelyn Walter, Director, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "People Metrics - Getting HR on the Business Scorecard."

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Anita Russell, Manager, R&D Skill Development.
  Presenting: "New Employee Engagement, Immersion & Learning."

Bank of America, Patrick Murphy, Senior Property Preservation Leader.
  Presenting: "Taking Care of the Emotional State of Your Employees."

United Airlines, Ed Davis, Managing Director, Talent Acquisition.
  Presenting: "Lessons Learned in Staffing."

Manpower, Susan Wright-Boucher, Regional Director.
  Presenting: "Global Workforce Trends Impacting Attraction & Retention."

Harrah's, Michelle Hayes, Employee Relations and Communications Manager.
  Presenting: "Engaging Employees During A Tough Economy."

Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, Martin Davidson, Chief Diversity Officer.
  Presenting: "How HR Leaders Can Do Diversity Differently."

PayPal, Salvatore Giambanco, VP HR.
  Presenting: "The Challenge of Leadership for the HR Leader."

Ricoh Corporation, Jake Hegarty, Senior Director, Employee and Leadership Development.
  Presenting: "Succession Planning Process that Resulted in 89% Promotions from Within."

Choicepoint, Laura Young, Director of Diversity and Talent Development.
  Presenting: "Coaching and Mentoring for Success."

AMF Bowling Worldwide, Tony Ponsiglione, VP HR.
  Presenting: "Human Resource Tactics in a Turnaround."

Hudson's Bay Companies (HBC), Robert Kolida, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Talent Management."

AFLAC, Darlene Porter, Manager, Employee Relations.
  Presenting: "How AFLAC Reduced Turnover and Elevated Customer Satisfaction."

CompuWare, Dan Hughes, VP Recruiting.
  Presenting: "Best Practices from the 'War for Talent'."

YRCW, Mike Brown, VP Strategic Market Planning & Research.
  Presenting: "Strategic Thinking for HR Executives."

ERS-Employee Relations Solutions, Matthew Grabell, ESQ and Founder.
  Presenting: "The Most Common Employer Errors Leading to Employee Lawsuits."

Clear Channel, Kimberly Cutchall, EVP Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Architecture of a Corporate University."

Wells Fargo, Regina Wharton, SVP, Corporate Human Resources.
  Presenting: "HR in Dynamic Change."

Nickelodeon, Paul Falcone, VP of HR.
  Presenting: "Strategic Performance Appraisal."

University Arkansas Medical Sciences, Kathleen McComber, Senior Director HR.
  Presenting: "Workplace Violence: Lessons Learned."

Agilent, Kirk Froggatt, Director, Organization Effectiveness.
  Presenting: "Employee Surveys as Levers of Continuous Improvement in Leadership and Culture."

Florida Department Revenue, Dale Weeks, Senior Executive Officer.
  Presenting: "Competitive Government: Oxymoron or Preferred Path to Leadership Excellence?"

Time Warner Cable, Ann Burford, Vice President Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Southern Politics" (All sessions begin at 12 noon Eastern Time).

Raytheon Company, Tracy Cox, Director.
  Presenting: "How Organizational Networks Create Business Value."

Katz Media Group, Barbara Kurka, Senior VP, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Strategic Selection Workshop for the Katz Media Group Inc."

Hudson Bay Companies, Bob Kolida, SVP Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Driving Associate Engagement."

Humana, Carleen Haas, VP - Talent Strategies.
  Presenting: "Human Capital Strategies."

Abbvie, Ajit Iyer, Area HR Director.
  Presenting: "Role of Mentoring in Building Successful Careers."

ADP, Eric Hieger, Sr. Director, Talent Solutions, Global Learning & Performance.
  Presenting: "ADP's Global HR Human Capital Strategy."

CBRE, Doug Reed, Vice President - HR Operations.
  Presenting: "HR Operations Overview."

21st Century Fox, Veracelle Vega, Senior Director, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Redefining Talent Management in Global Mobility."

Ballentine Partners, Brie Elliott, Director of Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Success Planning for an MFO."

Turner Broadcasting System, DeRetta Cole, Vice President.
  Presenting: "Human Resources as a Strategic Business Partner."

Norfolk Southern, Mary Pitman, Manager of Health Promotion.
  Presenting: "Please, not another biggest loser contest; instead, create a culture of WELLNESS."

Portnoy, Messinger, Pearl & Associates, Mary Simmons, Director HR Consulting.
  Presenting: "Tweet, Tweet You're Hired": How to Utilize Social Media for Recruiting and Branding."

Campbell Soup Company, Elizabeth Morrison, Global Director Diversity & Inclusion.
  Presenting: "Breakthrough Leadership: Empowering and Engaging Pipeline Talent."

Boston Scientific, Lisa Welker-Finney, Vice President, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Personal Brand - YOU Inc."

Turner Broadcasting System, Ellen Russ, SPHR, HR Director.
  Presenting: "Achieving Results Through Influence."

Big Heart Pet Brands, Christine Hunter, Vice President, Talent.
  Presenting: "Talent Review."

The Boston Consulting Group, Thomas Gaissmaier, Partner and Managing Director.
  Presenting: "How to Set Up Great HR Functions: Connect, Prioritize, Impact."

Pepperidge Farm, Jennifer Lannom, Corporate Manager, HPO & Operational Excellence.
  Presenting: "High Performance Organization."." A technical issue prevented the recording of audio.

Barclays, Mike Thompson, Director, Early Careers.
  Presenting: "Apprenticeships."

Nike, Darrin Podeschi, VP of HR, Nike's global Innovation, Design, Product and Merchandising.
  Presenting: "Molding an Organization for Innovation."

Progressive Insurance, Neil Lenane, Business Leader of Talent Management.
  Presenting: "Diversity and Inclusion - One Company's Journey."

State Street Corp, Paul Fichtner, SVP, Global Human Resources.
  Presenting: "A Transformation That Supports Employee Development."

Seagate Technology, Lea Davis, Senior Manager, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Around the World in 24 Hours."

HSBC, Suzanne Brienza, EVP, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Building a Culture of Excellence in HR (working title)."

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Anita Russell, Manager, R&D Skill Development.
  Presenting: "New Employee Engagement, Immersion & Learning."

Technicolor Production Services, Ian Minchell, Vice President Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Organic Talent Acquisition."

Gallup, Ken Shearer, Partner.
  Presenting: "Successful Science-Based Succession Planning."

ADP, Zonia Nieves, HR - Global Business Consultant.
  Presenting: "Going Global -Building and Effective Global HCM Program."

Micron, Susan Copple, HR Director.
  Presenting: "HR Off Shoring Best Practices."

Four Seasons Hotel, Mitch Langeler, Director of Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Finding the Right People for the Right Job."

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Diane Youden, Principal, HR Transformation Capabilities.
  Presenting: "HR Transformation: Driving Transformation through Service Delivery and The Cloud."

Giant Eagle, Joshua Shapira, Sr. Director, Team Member Health and Wellness.
  Presenting: "Team Member Wellness at Giant Eagle."

Full Circle Solutions, Robert Isaacson, Co-founder.
  Presenting: "Coaching: Your Ticket to Better Performance and an Engaged Workforce."

The TJX Companies, Jennifer Klein, Global Talent Management Director.
  Presenting: "Global Performance Management: An Enhanced Approach."

Citrix, Brandy Fulton, Vice President, HR Operations.
  Presenting: "Lofty Objectives & Long Journeys: The Quest for Integrated Talent Management."

Tesla Motors, Alan Cherry, Senior Director, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Growing a Global Business."

Gannett, Randi Austin, Vice President/Central Region Human Resources.
  Presenting: "HR During a Time of Transformation."

Spherion, Patti Dunning, Regional Vice President, Spherion Staffing Services.
  Presenting: "Understand & Motivate the Generations."

Fuji Film, Mike Prutting, Vice President, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Aligning HR to the Business Strategy."

Safeway, Patricia Hudson, Regional Human Resource Manager.
  Presenting: "Employee Engagement and Employee Development."

Liberty Mutual, Laura Close, Principle HR Generalist.
  Presenting: "Best Practices in Telecommuting or Management Mentoring Programs."

Chick-fil-A, Andy Lorenzen, SPHR, Director, Organizational Effectiveness.
  Presenting: "Leadership at Chick-fil-A."

Manpower, Melanie Holmes, Vice President, World of Work Solutions.
  Presenting: "The Changing World of Work."

Four Seasons Hotel, Catriona Eldemery, Director, Human Resources.
  Presenting: "Four Seasons' World Class Service."

AGI-Shorewood, Amy Shelton Little, Vice President, Human Rescources.
  Presenting: "Communication Before, During, and After M&A Activity."

AARP, Dick Randazzo, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer.
  Presenting: "Talent Management and Development."

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