A. Wish to Serve on Other Paid Boards?

(Included)  As a CEO you may add to your net worth and share your experiences with other fast growth companies by serving on additional Board of Directors (BODs). Our DirectorFinder service actively tracks and maintains one of the most comprehensive databases of paid open board member positions. With a single click you can let the board Chairs know of your availability to serve on 1-3 additional boards. If there is a match then you would work out an equitable package (typically a combination of stock and cash) to serve on their board.

Discover Hundreds of Paid New Board Positions Monthly . . .

B. Wish to Stack Your Own Board with VIPs?

(Included)  You may also use our DirectorFinder system to build out your own Board of Directors or Board of Advisors with top VIPs. The quality of available executives is unmatched, far surpassing most boards' rolodexes of known contacts for a higher profile board with far deeper industry/sector knowledge. You decide how to compensate your board (stock or cash, guidance provided).

We provide powerful search capabilities. You can quickly search by Industry, Strengths, Proximity, and more. Instantly invite your best choices to interview. Everything you need to build or topgrade your board with VIPs is included in your membership.

Discover VIP Board Members Near You by Industry, Strengths, and More in Seconds.

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"I find it very invigorating to learn from others and adapt ideas from others, rather than always assuming our way is the best way. Sometimes others have better ideas than we do."
- Larry Quinlan, Deloitte

"The staff and facilitators are wonderful!"
- Shirley Weis, Mayo Clinic

"I think you provide excellent value for the cost of membership."
  - Olaf Rove, TCI

"When you can get a glimpse of what is going on in the market, even a tiny glimmer of what can happen, you'll be able to jump on a new trend and get ahead of your competition."
- Kerry Desberg, Owens Corning